Auto Loans 

Auto Loans in Fayetteville

Purchasing a vehicle can be stressful. Getting the right loan doesn't have to be. When you choose a new or used auto loan from Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union, you can rest assured that you are getting the right financing for your individual needs. We also offer a range of services to help you every step of the way while you shop for cars and car loans. From low rates and flexible terms to gap insurance and extended warranty. We've got you covered!

Help When You're Shopping for a Car - CUDL AutoSMART

Before you apply for financing, you’ll need to find an affordable car so you know you can afford the monthly payments. Getting a deal on your car means getting a deal on your financing. Saving money doesn’t have to mean getting a lemon. CUDL AutoSMART lets you find cars by make and model, tracks down the perfect match for you, and then lets you apply for financing on the very same page!

Financing for New Vehicles

You may already know you can get financing for a new car at the dealership – but did you know you don’t have to accept the standard financing terms and rates at your local dealership? Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union works with local dealerships so you can get our lowest rate auto loans in Fayetteville – right from the dealership. You won’t even have to come in to see us — if you’re shopping through the dealership, we can still work with you to get the financing you need.

Loans for Used Vehicles

If you’re buying a used car from a local dealership working with us, you may be able to get an auto loan at dealerships in Fayetteville, Aberdeen, Clinton, Dunn, Lillington, Lumberton, Red Springs, Sanford, or Southern Pines – without having to come in to see us. If you’re buying online or direct from a seller, you can visit any Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union branch to apply for a loan or click here to apply online. 
If you are looking to sell your vehicle to a private individual, we can speed up the title* process by ordering your title back to Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union expeditiously. Please contact us as soon as you can with your plans to sell by calling (local) 910-864-2232 or (toll-free) 800-793-2328, Option 2 then extension 8315.

* Vehicle titles are secured offsite with a third party vendor.

Car Insurance

Once you’ve purchased a car with some of the best auto loan rates in Fayetteville, you can also count on Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union to insure your new purchase. We work with insurance industry professionals to offer you TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program.

Extended Warranties

Whether you buy a new or used car, you don’t want to have to worry about extra repair costs. While factory warranties cover some costs, they do not cover all expenses. If you get auto loans in Cumberland County, North Carolina or surrounding areas financed through us, we can offer you a great price on extended warranties. In some cases, this extra peace of mind costs just a few cents a day.

GAP Insurance

If something happens to your car and you still owe money, there may be a gap between the level of insurance benefits you are offered and the amount you owe on your loan. Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union can help you avoid this situation by working with you to offer GAP insurance to cover the gap between the book value of your car and the amount you owe on the vehicle.