Regular Share Savings

It’s just like a regular passbook account, with no passbook and one big difference. At the credit union, your savings earn dividends based on the credit union’s performance. You’ll find our dividends are quite competitive and often higher than interest paid elsewhere.

This account establishes your credit union membership. Maintaining this account allows you access to all other credit union services.

  • Dividends compounded monthly

  • Need only $5.00 to open the account

  • $500 minimum balance required to earn dividends

Youth Super Savings

Setting up youth savings accounts in Fayetteville for your children or grandchildren has a number of benefits:

  • A savings account helps children save for purchases.

  • Learning to save helps children learn how to establish a good credit rating.

  • Saving early can help build a lifetime of good habits.

  • A savings account is a safer place to leave money than a big piggy bank or a wallet.

  • Savings products teach children about money, finances, math, and financial responsibility.

  • An account helps children learn basic financial literacy and budgeting skills.

  • Dealing with an account at a credit union helps children and teens learn how to address professionals in a financial setting.

  • A financial account can make children curious to learn more about finances, money, and related topics.

  • Financial competence is a basic life skill and setting up a savings account early helps teach children the basics of money management.

  • Watching their own money grow is very exciting for children and can boost their entrepreneurial spirit and interest in savings, counting, and related subjects.

Help your child or grandchild develop good saving habits and have fun at the same time. Your children may be earning their own money now — either from an allowance, odd jobs around the neighborhood or from a part-time job.

Encourage them to save their money instead of spending it all or shoving it under the mattress, where it earns nothing. Tell them about the benefits you’ve been enjoying by saving right here at the credit union — higher savings rates, fewer restrictions and all around better service. Then bring them in to open a savings account designed just for our youth!

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union offers savings accounts for teens in Fayetteville. Our accounts for youth offer a number of benefits:

  • Our savings accounts are designed specifically for children from birth to age 17.

  • We require a low minimum balance of just $5.00, so children can start saving early.

  • Children can make deposits anytime.

  • Our Youth Account Rates are higher than those of many banks, allowing children to save faster.

  • When you open the account, your child receives a free piggy.

Holiday Club

Do you find yourself strapped for cash when the holiday season rolls around? This year you can save yourself the worry of overspending and your Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union Holiday Club Account today! With your Holiday Club Account, the holidays are worry-free and now is the perfect time to begin saving for this next holiday season.

By making regular deposits throughout the year or contributing effortlessly through payroll deduction, you’ll have a tidy sum by the time the holidays roll around. Also, your deposits earn dividends all year long.

  • Your funds - plus dividends - will be available October 1st of each calendar year.

  • There is a $5.00 penalty imposed for each withdrawal made before October 1st.

  • On December 1, all funds in Holiday Club Accounts will be automatically transferred to your Savings account. There will be no interruptions if you have automatic deposits going to this account. You may also withdraw these additional funds until the end of December without an early withdrawal penalty.